There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart...pursue those.

Yesterday I did 70 miles of hills and wind, biking with the guys. To go from no biking for 4 months, then increase from 20 miles to 70 miles in 4 weekends is tough. I almost cried the last 3 big hills on the way home. I almost quit 9 miles from the finish, and my right knee hurt so bad I could only use it to pull the pedal up.

But I finished. As hard as it was to keep up with them, I rode my bike at my best pace and finished all 70. Recovered with a protein shake and ice cold beer. Today I tan off those Garmin and sock lines.

Driving an hour in traffic to work and back sucks. Living far away from friends and driving an hour to bike sucks. I feel like my timing in the universe is off and everything is a major effort. My car looks like I’m homeless with everything I pack for training and socializing.

But when I’m in the suck on my bike, all that matters is the 2 men I have with me to push me and encourage me to dig deep and get up those hills.

One always hopes that struggle equals pay offs, and that in 1 year I can find a job back in Orange County close to my friends and good Tri training grounds.

As always I also hope some guy will find my weird personality, Love of smiling and hugs, and gritty competitiveness attractive and be my other half of the power couple that rules the roads.

I hope. I dream. I pray.

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